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Updated Sep 19, 2009 by Isaac Foraker

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LibTPT on GitHub

Posted Dec 01, 2009 by Isaac Foraker
From LibTPT: The LibTPT text template C++ library

The LibTPT source repository is now available on GitHub.


You can get the latest source by running:

git clone git://github.com/codemer/libtpt.git

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Not dead yet

Posted Nov 30, 2009 by Isaac Foraker
From Devalot: Retired

I’ve revived work on Devalot since Dreamhost moved this site to a new server that pretty much broke the previous installation.

The new project source repository lives on GitHub:


The latest source uses Rails 2.0.5.

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LibTPT Version 1.31 released

Posted Jun 28, 2009 by Isaac Foraker
From LibTPT: The LibTPT text template C++ library

LibTPT 1.31 has been released. This is a maintenance release just to keep LibTPT compiling.

  • Drop support for MSVC6 (does anyone still use that?)
  • Fix compilation under GCC 4.3 under 64-bit Linux.


Stanza eBook Reader Review for the iPod Touch/iPhone

Posted Nov 08, 2008 by Isaac Foraker
From: This Engineer's Blog

A few weeks ago, I got around to downloading some books into Stanza on my iPod Touch, and now I consider Stanza a must have App for the iPod Touch or iPhone. Stanza is one of the freebies from the iTunes App Store.


ebook iphone ipod

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Stable Tags

Posted Jul 02, 2008 by Isaac Foraker
From Devalot: Retired

I have just started creating stable tags in the git repository. This means that most of my cursory tests pass, but does not necessarily mean it is production ready.


The history and watch features are still going in. Feel free to file a ticket if you find a new bug.

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